About Entrepreneurship

Why Entrepreneurship

Learn why entrepreneurship is important for all

By integrating knowledge from various learning tools into an entrepreneurial vision, you can invest in yourself and in your business.

Entrepreneurs act as innovators to create their own value. Individuals draft ideas, from their own narrative, to customize a business.

An entrepreneur is given the opportunity to apply morals and ethics to further develop a product or service. It allows you to find alignment with your life and career. The power of control and the act of taking initiative boosts work behavior and supports work progression. Entrepreneurial motivation exhibits personal achievement.

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Our Logo

About Our Logo

Entrepreneurship Initiative

Like a universal circle…

There is constant change, with no beginning or end.
Everyone evolves and discovers their abilities.

The solar system recognizes the unique characteristics of each planet; such each one serves a purpose.

The educational value, created at Southern, allows students to engage with the business community to foster student success. By providing endless opportunities, in a rounded community, students’ can enhance their knowledge and connect with others. Individuals can recognize their own potential; the value they bring is what shines from afar.

Student Workers

Our Student Workers

Content Developer & Design

Gianna D'Angelo

Gianna D’Angelo

Junior, Business Administration: Management

“As a content developer, for the Entrepreneurship Minor Program, I have written, designed, and organized content for this website. This experience has allowed me to incorporate my passion to design while continuing to expand my knowledge!”

Web Developer

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Senior, Computer Science General

“As a web developer for the Entrepreneurship Minor Program, I helped to create, design, and implement the site you’re reading this on right now! My goal for the site development has always been to make it be both intuitive and beautiful.”

Graduate Assistant

Anjita Singh

Anjita Singh

Graduate Student, Master of Business Administration

Master of Science degree, NIPER, Kolkata, India

“As a graduate assistant for the Entrepreneurship Minor Program, I assist with various operational functions of the program. In my work, I bring in my learned knowledge and experience of working in both academia, and industry and apply what I learned in my MBA program.”